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"Ante Natal & Post Natal"
Pregnant mother and father should go to “ante natal & post natal” counseling courses. Professional advices on various topics of this dedicate time of your pregnancy will be provided. Moreover, pregnant mother will be taught of “how to breathe”, “how to use the breath control and body relaxes to overcome nervous and the fear” . These will enable pregnant mother comply with her own bodily change, in order to have a happy and smooth delivery.

"Mother's Breast Milk Feeding"
The World Health Organization recognize and confirm that : mother's breast milk can help increase baby's body resistance. Mums is advised to feed the baby with breast milk up to six months. But, if because of works or the health reason, cannot use the mother's milk to feed the baby, then should choose the high quality milk powder to replace.

"An Excess Of Breast Milk"
After the delivery, breast secrete with milk, causing breasts to become bigger and even uncomfortable. In order to relief from this, mums can squash the milk out or feeds the baby to eat. If the situation continues then should consult doctor.
If mum is having operation, before the wound recovered, avoids doing exercise, moving overweight thing, the long time walk or crawls the staircase, in order to avoid the pulling injury abdomen muscle or creates the wound ache.

Many parturient women can face the constipation symptom, balance diet and the small scale of exercise may help the parturient woman to solve the constipation problem.

"Can women in confinement squat?"
During the confinement month, the parturient woman should have plenty of rest and avoid standing or squatting for too long, as that will cause the womb to sag.

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