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Baby Herbal Bath
SN Confinement Ladies' Postnatal & Baby Herbal Bath is beneficial to expectant mothers and during the post-natal period.

It is also beneficial to babies and those whom recuperating from fever or flu.

1. Boil a herbal bag with 7 litres of water in a pot
    or submerge in hot water for 20-25 minutes.
2. Leave it to cool down to the right temperature
3. Squeeze the packet to extract the liquid
Eternal Use Only
SN Confinement Bra
Specifically designed for nursing

Designed to fit the needs of a full
busted figure
SN Belly Belt II
SN Belly Belt II is designed to protect, support & soothe after the baby is born until you can fit into all your pre-pregnant clothes again, allowing mothers to resume normal daily activities with more confidence.
Electronic Herbal Steamer
Multi-function design includes infrared ceramics magnet, steamer and stewpot.

Electronic control makes stewing food easier and gets fresh tender meat luscious soup.

Timer setting is safety and convenience to use and saves time as well.

When stewing steaming, cooking and simmering food, the completed water heat conduction keeps the food on nutritive value and its original taste.

Infrared Electronic Herbal Steamer is made by infrared ceramics magnet to cook food. It provides food with excellent flavour.
Slimming Cream
A non greasy gentle and effective body cream herbal extract to help burn away excess body fat as it moisturizes and softens your skin.
Sesame Oil & Wines
Sesame Oil, Yellow Wine, Rice Wine, Ginger Wine, Grape Wine & etc.
SN Belly Belt I
SN Belly Belt is designed to protect, support & soothe during your pregnancy, allowing mothers to resume normal daily activities with more confidence.
Breast Comfort
To ease the dsicomfort of breast engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis.
Pureen Stretch
Mark Lotion
Cocoa Butters, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil to Moisturize Skin & Relieve Itchiness

Collagen & Elastin to Strengthen Skin & Enhance Its Elasticity

Vitamin E to give Antioxidant Protection